Pull a fast one or two..

Amongst the spots where you get the chance to take some time and create something beautiful, you get the situations where you have to be quick. Sometimes these pieces can feel almost like they have more energy than the ones where you were able to spend more time.

With so many of these fast actions to choose from, here is a couple that even after all these years I still have a soft spot for them.

This was a really sketchy action on the Genoa subway with Rocks and my good friend Verge, Viper was supposed to come with us but he’d mashed his leg and was on crutches from an escape in Milan a few days before.
This was a doomed mission in St Petersburg Russia, despite it looking like broad daylight this was actually in the middle of the night as it was during the ‘white nights’ period where it barely gets dark. 8 of us went to the yard and 4 were caught, myself and Wais TAD escaped fortunately.
This was part of a Whole train on the Milan subway I shared this car with my good friend and brother Viper. While I was filling in I saw what I thought was one of the other guys that was with us inside my car, I couldn’t understand why ? As we had such a short amount of time to complete the action, it turned out that the guy was a worker and once he realised what was happening he went crazy and I had to try to finish my half of the car while pushing him back inside the train. We finished albeit slightly rushed and the subway ran for the next couple of days with the windows buffed.

This was a spur of the moment super fast action with water based paint as the spot had been battered with my good friend Babs UV TPK. The painting isn’t particularly brilliant but it has charm that I enjoy and this pic is just perfect.

Not one for the feint hearted this spot in Napoli had it all, an elevated lay up that could only be accessed from an electrical pylon, an army of junkies jacking up and passing out in the street and locals so hardcore that they’d rob the guys from Napoli.. We had to paint really fast, the security came we had to escape which fortunately we all did and our friendship with the DIA remains to this day.

This brake action bit of fun was done on the Madrid subway with various NT guys and the legendary TST The emergency brake is activated in the station and the painting starts in front of the passengers and driver. The driver must come to the lever that has been activated release the brake to move the train, the writers delay him so there is more time to paint.