Three from the top pt2.

Today I’ve selected another three pieces from various places that I’m still into..

Sonic booms By AROE.

‘Not a small situation but an ordeal..’

Painted next to Kem5, Twesh, Jiroe and numerous man dem on the Brighton station boards. The levels of pressure from the other writers present meant that everyone was going for the win.

On the rise.. By AROE.

Painted this one in Bristol alongside PONK & MR. WANY. The beauty of this spot was that it was high up and it really dominated the street, the surface was a bit ‘all terrain’ but results not excuses is the code.


This was the most unconventional spot in the middle of Portsmouth it’d be nice to say I had fun painting it however it was sub sub zero that day. I’m not sure what planet I was on when I selected the colour scheme but I am very happy with the outcome. From my understanding the piece stayed there for quite a while, which is always a bonus..