Graffiti in Guadalajara

Skull By AROE.
‘Turn up turn on burn out’ By AROE

I did a fair bit of graffiti in Guadalajara Mexico, these are a few examples are my favourite works I did when I was there.

Approximately 8/10 people get murdered in the city everyday so I thought I best paint something in the vein of that tragic fact. The Mexicans have an immensely rich and strong art history so it was very satisfying to get to paint these buildings in the down town area.

‘Brains on the wall like paint, cos`i don’t need to know what it is as long as I know what it ain’t..’ By AROE

Dropped this unusual throw up/bevelled block/piece alongside my good friend Dems from Spain. The Mexican writers were really friendly and good fun to chill with while painting, I look forward to returning to paint more in the future.

Pac-Man blocks By AROE
Pac-Man details By AROE

I was asked if I wanted to paint the roller shutters on the front of the set of apartments… the problem is I always need to fully fill the space so again using the 30% bigger ethos I paint above the shutters, over the door and above the door.


Mexican health and safety doesn’t exist.

Probably one of the awkward paintings I’ve had to do, I wanted to cover the whole right hand side of the building but I couldn’t as there was a large gap in the roof to allow access the the ground level. The scaffold was incredibly wobbly and had to be tied to that giant cement globe on the roof in an attempt to stabilise it.


Not the best version of the B boy character I’ve ever done but to be honest I was just happy to not have been injured in it’s creation.

‘EscoBARLO Season has returned’ By AROE

This was a pretty fast street piece on the outskirts of the city, I spent a lot of time chatting to a guy who was working on his car and was listening to mariachi music. It’s important to find out about how other people live and what their lives involve as it helps you be a better more understanding person, also doing paintings in their neighbourhoods does require a level of respect.