Stay rolling..

I like posting things in trains so I thought I’d share these favourites for your viewing pleasure..


Painted this in southern France alongside Wane, Twesh, Hims and Flair2. It was a fun night and our french host drove like he was in GTA which was certainly a white knuckle experience. The spot was incredibly dark but very relaxed so we got a bit experimental despite not seeing the fruit of our efforts until the traffic shots in the morning.

The classic subway art bridge shot.
AROE panel By AROE

Painted this one in northern Denmark with Gebes, Omar, Coze and Voyt. The spot was really strange as the lights kept turning on and off so we were never sure if the workers knew we were there or not, but no one arrived so we carried on.


What happened on this night and the day after in Milan Italy is one of those stories too crazy to be made up.

In attendance on this session was Sobek Kcis Ponk Swet Wany Viper Midas and few others. The train got trashed end to end and the story of the daytime pictures is a bit special.