Pieces I still like

Sliced AROE By AROE.

Painted this one in Worthing the spot was really dope and it was perfect for two big pieces, I think this was with Atch. The council got involved and now the spot is buffed and its a really dull magnolia.

I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do so I kinda did the top half in one style and colourway and did the bottom in a more robust style to make it look like the foundation’s that the top half rested on. I added the sliced glitches in the E because it felt like a good area to use this trick to give an otherwise straight section some steez.

AROE and the Azerbaijani eagle. By AROE

Painted this one in Paris with Babs and Gomer

I posted this one for several reasons, firstly I still like it. I feel it has a really unusual composition with the line that runs diagonally from left to right, I like painting with Babs and Gomer and it reminds of the picture I posted above. The similarities of colour and super solid looking construction, like you could drop this piece and it might dent the floor.

`Like a bull inside a China shop..` By AROE

This is a crazy spot in Folkestone (where I originally come from) so doing a piece on bare bricks on a street that my pals nan lived on that we used to walk down as kids is a weird feeling. Painted this one alongside Aups and Upstart which always a good time. The painting is based on the whole car I did in Belgium a few days before as I wanted to explore the letter shapes further, this came out nice but I feel the energy on the train is superior.