Three from the top..

Over the years I’ve started liking my own paintings more which is pretty satisfying as I used to hate most of what I did. I think as soon as I stopped doing graffiti that was in fashion and started doing things on the basis I wanted to do them, my opinion changed.

‘MUSIC PLEASE’ By AROE. Napoli Italy.

Painted this alongside Opium, Zeus, Rota and Pencil from the mighty WILD BOYZ crew. Always a great time, great weather and great food when I’m in Italy.

‘Likes and shares lifestyle’ By AROE. Essex Uk.

I got a lot of time for Ster from Essex so Aups and myself went up to paint with him, the spot was mental and we laughed pretty much all day.

Aroe. Paris France

Once again with Aups, this time we found ourselves in Paris after a drive to the top of Denmark and back. We collected some paintings and sold half of them on the way home, distracted throughout this painting by Yome, Dizer and Cubs good times with good people.

These three paintings are just ones I like and I still enjoy looking at them, I will be sharing other paintings in the future and briefly explaining why, for those of you that are interested to know more.